1Lyfe is ultra-premium cannabis that is grown without shortcuts, cultivated with care, and nurtured for quality. Its superior taste, aroma, consistency are a result of our meticulous attention to detail. We discover and develop the potential of every plant, creating its own best life for you to experience.



This blissful union of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie blesses the world with yet another beautiful offspring. Known as Wedding Cuvee, this celebratory blend is abundant and ripe with notes of sweet soil and clay highlighted by a brightening overtone of pepper. The uplifting and engaging effect of Wedding Cuvee is a tribute to its mighty ancestors — OG Kush and Durban Poison — and brings a celebratory mindset to every moment in which it is consumed.


Pungent whiffs of skunk mingle with aromas of lemon and diesel, with hints of soft pine and dark earthy mineral tones. This serpentine swirl of smell is what makes Venom OG a connoisseur favorite. Its evenly balanced hybrid is soothing and sedative in its essence, concealing euphoric effects that are calmly stimulating without being overly energizing.


With all the blushing hues of a Sonoma sunset, Dosi-Doze’s colors both celebrate its heritage as a member of the Cookies family and distinguish it as exceptionally beautiful. With soft pastel tones echoed by the subtle depth of its slightly floral and a pleasantly astringent flavor — like gasoline soaked lavender blossoms illumed by a magenta dusk — Dosi-doze imparts blissful but fleeting impressionistic thoughts and sensations.

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